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Oerlikon Skyshield High Energy Laser Can Shoot Down Missiles and Planes in Seconds

According to Tech Blog 02/11/2016

Oerlikon Skyshield High Energy Laser Can Shoot Down Missiles and Planes in Seconds, Looks Like a Bazooka

Skyshield Laser

Rheinmetall Defense’s Oerlikon Skyshield consists of one 10 kW fiber high-energy laser and a beam-forming unit. Commercial off-the-shelf fiber lasers were modified for an air defense role. The beam-forming unit provides diffraction-limited beam focusing, target imaging and fine tracking of the target. By utilizing this beam-superimposing technology, the company has managed to concentrate the power of single laser beams into one small spot, enabling not only superimposition of multiple laser beams on a single gun platform, but also superimposition of multiple gun platforms, for almost unlimited (e.g. 100 kW and more) power output.

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Oerlikon high-energy laser gun

Rheinmetall “HEL-lights” a fully integrated air defence high-energy laser weapon system.

Rheinmetall air defence solutions showcased at IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi The Oerlikon High Energy Laser (HEL) Gun showcased by Reinmetall at IDEX 2015

Oerlikon high-energy laser gun

The HEL effector is just one part of a ground-based laser weapon system. This versatile air defence system consists of an Oerlikon Skyguard 3 fire control unit for target acquisition and weapon control and an Oerlikon high energy laser gun using a revolver gun turret equipped with laser weapon modules. Each module consists of one 10 kW fibre laser and a beam-forming unit. Commercial off the shelf fibre lasers were modified for air defence applications. The beam-forming unit provides diffraction-limited beam focusing, target imaging and fine tracking of the target.

By using beam superimposing technology, Rheinmetall has combined the power of single lasers into one multiplied laser beam. This technology not only allows superimposition of multiple lasers on a single gun platform, but also superimposition of multiple gun platforms. This enables an almost unlimited (e.g. 100kW and more) power output in line with the evolving air defence requirement. As a result the high-energy laser gun provides efficient protection against a large spectrum of modern air threats.

A major advantage of HEL effectors is their outstanding flexibility with regard to escalation and de-escalation. The output power of the high-energy laser gun is eminently scalable. When fired at the optics of aircraft, UAVs, weapons or energy sources, for example, the HEL effector is able to neutralize entire weapon systems without destroying them.

In multiple tests at the Group’s proving ground, the generic laser weapon demonstrator proved highly effective against UAVs and rocket, artillery and mortar (RAM) targets in static and dynamic scenarios. The HEL effector is controlled by the Skyguard 3 Fire Control Unit, which also controls a revolver gun and an ASRAD 1 missile launcher. Rheinmetall’s widely fielded fire control systems can thus manage the full panoply of current and future effectors. Source armyrecognition.com

YFC-1E multi-purpose stealth single engine twin vertical tails “Fierce Dragon” fighter

According to wangchao.net

Recently, according to China Aviation Industry Corporation Chengdu Aircraft Research Institute authoritative sources: Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group own principles Xiaolong fighter Xiaolong be differentiated according to the global market outlook and our military.

On the basis of the original Xiaolong fighters on the successful production of a new independent, multi-purpose stealth type YFC-1E single twin vertical tails “Fierce Dragon” fighter.

According to international and domestic market demand for independent research and development of advanced stealth light utility YFC-1E “Fierce Dragon” fighter. Able to adapt to the 21st century combat environment features, fully able to meet the PLA fourth generation of new aviation weapons and equipment level with development needs.

Stealth model YFC-1E three Xiaolong fighter view
YFC-1E Xiaolong fighter Main data:
wingspan of 9.18 meters
Captain 15.16 meters
4.65 meters tall machine
main Tread 2.71 meters
before the main track width 5.12 m
normal takeoff weight of 10,000 kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight 13,800 kg
capacity 3800 kg plug
2500 liters of fuel inside the machine
maximum maximum Mach M1.72
maximum service ceiling of 17,500 meters
takeoff distance 435 m
landing roll distance of 680 meters
2500 km range
limit overload 8G

China aviation industry Corporation I developed with independent intellectual property rights YFC-1E “Fierce dragon” stealth aircraft full state in its 05 01.03.04 prototype based on the new design has been optimized aerodynamic, structures and systems, the use of advanced “mussels “inlet and dual vertical tail and other innovative technologies, and application of a number of new integrated manufacturing technology, fitted with the most advanced domestic highly integrated avionics and weapons systems, the world’s leading cockpit configuration has good man-machine interface integrated display equipment, stealth-type “Fierce dragon” fighter’s overall performance and overall combat capability has increased significantly.

In contrast before the successful first flight of the “Fierce Dragon” aircraft .04 .03 01 aircraft belong to the state of the platform “stealth upgrade version”, focuses on the development of the airframe, mainly used to support the test, to ensure flight safety purposes stateful 05 “Fierce dragon” fighter can achieve practical delivery, can be called “super stealth full version.” Dynasty network wangchao.net.cn

Shocked!  People's Liberation Army will be equipped with stealth version YFC-1E "Fierce Dragon" fighter!

Source: wangchao.net.cn/club.china.com