Yak-130 firing 2 R-73 missiles

See Details of the Yak-130

The R-73 is a short range, air-to-air missile designed to be employed against highly maneuverable targets by Mig-29, Su-27 and latest Mig-23 fighter aircraft. The advanced R-73 missile features Thrust Vectoring Control (TVC) that offers unprecedented maneuverability in an air-to-air engagement as well as the capability of engage lateral targets to the aircraft through a helmet-mounted sight. Soviet Mig-29 and Su-27 fighter aircraft equipped with the R-73 and a helmet-mounted sight have demonstrated its superiority in a short range engagement over NATO fighter aircraft.
The R-73 missile has been designed to operate in all weather, day/night, and jamming environments. It is a fire and forget missile with a passive Infrared seeker which locks on the target before launch.

Diameter: 170 millimeter
Length: 2.90 meter (9.51 foot)
Wingspan: 510 millimeter
Max Range: 20,000 meter (10.8 nautical mile)

Top Speed: 2,500 kph (2.09 mach)
Warhead: 7.50 kilogram
Weight: 105 kilogram (231 pound)

Source: deagel.com


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