China’s purchase 24 of the latest Su-35 Super-Flankers have apparently been bought to compare with their own J-11.


Feb 09, 2016 00:20 UTC by Defense Industry Daily staff

China’s $2 billion deal with Russia to purchase 24 of the latest Su-35 Super-Flankers have apparently been bought to compare with their own J-11. The Carnegie Moscow Center says the purchase, which will help the Chinese drive for more power in the Taiwan Strait, will also be looked at to assess the progress and development of J-11. China’s J-11 fighter program has hit some problems affecting potential exports. It is likely the Su-35 will act as a guide, showing the Russian approach to problem solving in stealth technology, making it easier to further enhance the capabilities of Chinese aviation. While fears of reverse engineering and theft of intellectual property by China was a potential roadblock to the deal, it’s believed the sale will improve exports to foreign markets with Indonesia expected to be the next buyer.


China’s J11

Shenyang J-11, or Jian-11, is a Chinese multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC). It is a licensed-built variant of the Sukhoi Su-27SK (Nato code name: Flanker) fighter. The J-11 is operated by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).

Shenyang J-11 is a highly-manoeuvrable fighter aircraft capable of conducting air-superiority and ground attack missions.

Sukhoi and SAC signed a $2.5bn contract for the co-production of 200 Su-27SK fighters as the J-11 in February 1996. As part of this contract, Sukhoi was responsible for supplying components to assemble the aircraft at SAC.

The J-11 is powered by two Lyulka AL-31F or FWS-10A Taihang turbofan engines. Each engine is capable of developing a dry thrust of 75.22kN / 89.17kN and afterburner thrust of 123kN / 132kN.

The FWS-10A TaiHang turbofan engine was unveiled during the 6th Zhuhai Air Show in 2006. The engine is believed to be similar to the Russian-made AL-31F turbofan engine in terms of technology and performance.

FWS-10A TaiHang turbofan engine

The aircraft can fly at a maximum altitude of 19,000m. It has a rate of climb of 300m/s.

The J-11 has a maximum speed of Mach 2.35 and a range of 3,530km. The maximum flight speed at sea level without external weapons and stores is 1,400km/h. (


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