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The Combattante FS 56 – France

The Combattante FS56 developed by the French Company CMN is a compact vessel with stealth lines which can reach a very high speed and offer an important fire power. It is the perfect vessel for Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance as well as fast strike against surface or coastal targets.


The Combattante FS56 combines the spirit of previous proven Combattante classes with 21st Century technologies: Stealth and Electronic Warfare. The vessel is a high performance compact and multifunction ship able to perform area surveillance tasks as well as anti-air, anti-surface and electronic warfare missions.

The FS 56 is armed with one Oto Melara 76mm SR main gun, one Bofors 40 Mk4 40mm gun, 2×30 or 20mm remote weapon systems and 8 MM40 blkIII Exocet anti-ship missiles. Source navyrecognition.com

Saudi Arabia buys three FS56 patrol boats for estimated 250 million euros: Here


Ryad has put into effect the contract for the sale of three FS56 patrol boats manufactured by the shipyard of Cherbourg, CMN. The amount of the order is estimated at 250 million euros.

Initialed at the end of 2015, the contract for the sale of three FS56 patrol boats built by the shipyard of Cherbourg, CMN (Mechanical Constructions of Normandy) to the Saudi navy was finally finally put into effect (first deposit paid), according to several sources concordant . The contract is evaluated for these three fighter-type patrollers at 250 million euros.


> Fast strike against surface or coastal targets
> Coastal and off-shore patrolling : Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)
> Interception of narcotics, smuggling and illegal immigration
> Interception of enemy forces
> Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) monitoring & surveillance
> Naval and law enforcement application
> Integration to a naval task force
> Support to Land Forces actions operations

Performance and Competitive Features

Combine speed, long range and fire power with optimization of acquisition cost
> Compact and multifunction vessel, capable of high performances
> Stealth aspect
> Perfect 360° view all around the vessel
> 360° free firing arc

Main Characteristics

Length Overall :56.00 m
> Beam Overall : 8.20 m
> Maximum draught : 2.70 m
> Maximum speed : 38 Knots
> Range at 15 Kts : 2500 NM
> Crew : 32
> Fuel : 82 m3
> Fresh water : 8 m3
> Hull : Steel
> Superstructure : Aluminium
> Classification : BUREAU VERITAS


Main Equipment & Auxiliaries

Two main generating sets
> One emergency generating set
> Four high speed diesel engines
> Four Fixed Pitch Propellers (FPP)
> One Compact Mast (Cmast ©)

Typical Mission Systems

One Combat Management System with Data Link
> One Combined Surveillance Radar + IFF
> One Fire Control Radar
> One Electro-optical fire control system
> One Primary Gun: 76MM or 57 mm
> Two Short Range Air Defence Missile System or one secondary Gun (40 mm)
> Two remote controlled side guns (up to 30 mm)
> One Surface to Surface Missile System
> One Decoy Launching System
> One R-ESM and one C-ESM
> One Integrated Naval communications
> One Integrated Navigation System

Oto Melara 76mm SR main gun, one Bofors 40 Mk4 40mm gun, 2×30 or 20mm remote weapon systems and 8 MM40 blkIII Exocet anti-ship missiles

Oto Melara 76mm SR main gun

Oto Melara 76mm SR main gun

Technical data:
Caliber: 3 inches / 76,2 mm
Barrel lenght: 186 inches / 4,72 meters (= 62 caliber)
Weight: 7900kg, empty (Super Rapid)
Shell: 76 x 900 mm / 12,34 kilograms
Elevation: – 15° to + 85°
Traverse: 360°
Rate of fire: Compact: 85 rpm / Super Rapid: selectable from single shot up to 120 rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 925 m/s (1100 m/s – DART)
Magazine: Compact: 80 rounds / SR: 85 rounds
16 kilometers with standard ammunition
20 km with extended range ammunition
up to 40 km with VULCANO ammunition

– Compact
– Super Rapid
– Stealth casing
– DAVIDE/STRALES radio frequency guidance system for DART guided ammunition

HE (high explosive) – 6,296kg / Range 16km / effective range 8km (4km vs. air targets at elev. 85°)
MOM (multi-role OTO munition)
PFF (pre-formed fragmentation) – anti-missile ammunition
SAPOM (semi-armored piercing OTO munition) – 6,35kg / Range 16km
SAPOMER (semi-armored piercing OTO munition, extended range) – Range 20km
DART (driven ammunition reduced time of flight) – sub-calibre guided ammunition against multiple targets
(missiles and maneuvering targets at sea) 4,2kg in barrel / 3,5kg in flight / 660mm lenght / effective range >8km
VULCANO (76mm unguided and guided extended range ammunition)

Source seaforces.org

Bofors 40 Mk4 BAE Systems 40mm naval gun system


Bofors 40 Mk4 BAE Systems 40mm naval gun system 

Type 40mm Naval Gun System

Operators None

Calibre 40 mm L/70

Weight excluding ammunition < 2,300 kg

Elevation limits -20 to +80 degrees

Firing mode Remotely or gyro-stabilised local control as back-up

Maximum range 12,500 m

Rate of fire 300 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity 1012 m/s (3P)

Number of rounds available in gun 100 (30+70)

Barrel life up to 5,000 rounds

Options: On-mount TV camera, On-mount muzzle velocity radar, Programmable 3P ammunition

Source navyrecognition.com

Nexter Systems NARWHAL 30mm remote-controlled naval gun

Nexter Systems NARWHAL 30mm remote-controlled naval gun mount

SIMBAD RC-type short range air defence missile system (Saudi Arabia)

SIMBAD RC MISTRAL missile (Example)

SIMBAD-RC is an anti-air self defence system operating the very effective
fire-and-forget MISTRAL missile. It is capable of providing the primary
self defence capability for all warships or of complementing the main air
defences of first rank warships.

SIMBAD-RC provides an extremely effective defence capability against
all threats (anti-ship missiles, aircraft, helicopters as well as asymmetric
surface threats). It has been optimised to handle a multi-threat scenario.
Thanks to its very small footprint, SIMBAD-RC can be installed on board
a wide range of ships, from patrol boats up to support ships. It has been
designed to conform to different combat system capabilities, from stand
alone to fully integrated.

Being fully controlled by a single operator from inside the vessel,
the SIMBAD-RC system offers 24/7 operational capability even in
adverse weather conditions and very high sea-states. The system is
ideally suited therefore for ships with low manning..

System characteristics
• Weight: 480 kg
• Bearing: +/- 160° • Elevation: -30° + 55

Missile characteristics
• Weight: 19.7 kg
• Length: 1.86 m
• Diameter: 90 mm
• Maximum speed: Mach 2.5

Exocet MM40 Block3 

Eight anti-ship missiles Exocet MM40 Block3 

The EXOCET MM40 BLOCK 3 weapon system is the latest generation
ship-borne variant within the EXOCET family (recognized worldwide as
the benchmark for anti-ship missile capability and effectiveness). It is in
service with several navies around the world..

EXOCET MM40 BLOCK 3 provides a very long range capability, even in
adverse weather conditions:
• 200 km class operational range at very low altitude against all classes
of warship.
• All-weather capability
(an active RF homing head is a must to achieve this).
• High hit probability even against moving targets.
• Littoral and coastal land attack capabilities.
• Outstanding penetration capability against enemy air defences.
• High flexibility to cope with complex attack scenarios.
A new navigation and propulsion package on EXOCET MM40 BLOCK 3
allows for the programming of 3D way-points, optimised
trajectories and simultaneous terminal attacks of multiple missiles.

• Optimised for high G terminal manoeuvres
• Low observability: reduced IR and RCS signatures

• A single jettisoned rocket booster at launch and a new turbojet engine, giving operational flexibility and long range engagement

• 3D way-points navigation based on a hybrid INS/GPS package and a radar altimeter
• Self-adapted sea-skimming

Terminal guidance
• Advanced J-band active RF seeker with adaptive search patterns
• Land attack on coordinates

• Insensitive warhead
• Optimised HE blast and pre-fragmented effects
• Impact fuze and proximity function

C-MAST integrated mast

C-MAST integrated mast –  navigation, radars, and electronic warfare sensors are all grouped in a single integrated mast.

Source cmn-group.com