CMN Combattante FS 46 – France

After the Fighting FS56, unveiled in 2012 and will soon record a first order, CMN unveiled a compact version, the Fighting FS46. This new model of missile patrol is designed for naval combat as surveillance and protection missions of the exclusive economic zone.

Fighting FS46 (© CMN)

Long of 46 meters and a width of 7.45 meters and a draft of 4.2 meters, the new FS46 Fighting resumes lines tested at sea, namely those of Fighting II, sold dozens of copies world by CMN. Based on a steel hull and aluminum superstructure in benefiting from technical advances in the meantime, the new generation of Fighting is, like its predecessors, capable of offensive raids at high speed. With the particularity of having three rows of trees, entrained by as many diesel engines, the Fighting FS46 can exceed 35 knots, autonomy side, cross 2000 miles at 15 knots.

A heavily armed platform

Armaments, the FS46, although less equipped than its big sister the FS56 type longer than 10 meters, no remains very powerful. It can thus implement four anti-ship missiles Exocet MM40 Block3 and two 40mm cannons and two remotely operated carriages 20 to 30mm on the superstructure, providing a threshing field to 360 degrees. An asset complemented by the panoramic view offered by the gateway to provide architecture and self-defense means adapted to asymmetric threats, especially during missions in coastal areas. Note that the rear turret of 40mm can be replaced by a surface-to-air system at very short range Simbad-RC, the fully automatic version of Sinbad MBDA Mistral missiles with two ready to use (range of 6,000 meters). Self-defense may be supplemented with two decoy launchers range Sylena developed by Lacroix, installed in front of the gateway. In addition to its radar surveillance and conduct of shooting, Fighting FS46 can implement electronic warfare and thus participate in intelligence missions. All sensors and armaments can be managed by a Tacticos combat system (Thales) or mission management system LYNCEA kind. The communication means of the building, which is also equipped with tactical data links, allow it to evolve into a naval force.

Armed with a crew of 24 sailors, the Fighting FS46 can deploy a semi-rigid boat of 5.25 meters.

Fighting FS46 (© CMN)

A clearly identified market

CMN obviously does not spell this new model by chance, the Cherbourg shipyard that identified a specific market. In general, it aims naval forces wishing to equip multipurpose buildings, including a significant armament and presenting at the same time sufficiently reduced operating costs to fill every day of sea state action missions . competant its range patrol missile launcher with a more competitive unit, CMN also decided to develop this new Fighting to meet the renewal requirements of buildings Fighting Type II, built in the 70s and who arrive late life. While about 90 units of the Fighting Family have been sold worldwide, C2 were built 20 copies for Germany (1972 – 1975), 12 for Iran (1976 – 1978), 10 for Libya (1982 – 1983), four in Greece (1971 – 1972) and four for Malaysia (1972 – 1973). Apart from these patrols, it has made, the Norman builder also looks closely at corvettes renewal market Nanuchka type and Osa patrol the kind sold in many countries around the time of the Soviet Union, including India, Egypt, Libya and Algeria. Many previously inaccessible markets as preserve Moscow and CMN now look carefully. Translated by google

Fighting FS46 (© CMN)


Exocet MM40 Block3 

Eour anti-ship missiles Exocet MM40 Block3 

The FS 46 provides an heavy fire power for a 46 m ship:
– one 40 mm main gun at the front,
– two remote controlled side guns (20 or 30 mm) for the treatment of asymmetric threats provides a 360° protection,
– four MM40 Exocet anti-ship missiles.

Bofors 40 Mk4 BAE Systems 40mm naval gun system

c8104e4961c5effc8c1add1acd9db201Bofors 40 Mk4 BAE Systems 40mm naval gun system (Example)

Nexter Systems NARWHAL 30mm remote-controlled naval gun

Nexter Systems NARWHAL 30mm remote-controlled naval gun mount

Nexter 20mm Narwhal remote weapon system

Nexter 20mm Narwhal remote weapon system (Example)

The Combattante FS 46 also has two SYLENA-type decoy launchers in front of 360° panoramic bridge.

SYLENA-type decoy launchers

SYLENA-type decoy launchers

Modularity has been particularly studied so Combattante FS 46 can receive a short range air defence missile system SIMBAD RC-type instead of the 40 mm cannon on the back of the ship.

SIMBAD RC-type short range air defence missile system

SIMBAD RC MISTRAL missile (Example)

In terms of combat system, the modularity of the Combattante FS 46 allows to integrate a TACTICOS-type CMS or to be equipped with a LYNCEA-type management system mission. To this is added one Mission Management System with Data Link. Source



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