VAB Mk.3 Armored personnel carrier – France

The VAB Mk.3 armored personnel carrier was developed by Renault Truck Defense. It was developed as a private venture. Vehicle was publicly revealed in 2012. The first prototype has a 6×6 configuration. It seems that this armored vehicle is aimed mainly at export customers. As far as it is known this APC received no production orders yet.

   The VAB Mk.3 follows the line of the previous VAB series of armored personnel carriers. However it is a new design, rather than upgrade or modernization of existing vehicle. Also it has improved protection, improved mobility, and can carry more payload.

   The VAB Mk.3 is being proposed both in 4×4 and 6×6 configurations. Vehicle has a payload capacity of 7.5 t so it has growth potential for future upgrades.

   This new APC has a welded steel hull with modular add-on armor. Protection level can be tailored to suit mission requirements. Vehicle with maximum level of protection withstands 14.5-mm armor-piercing rounds. The Mk.3 is adapted to the new threats on the battlefield, such as landmines and IEDs. It is claimed that mine protection of the VAB Mk.3 is similar to that of MRAP vehicles. NBC protection and automatic fire extinguishing systems are optional. Other survivability options are available such as slat armor or active protection system.

25-mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun
The BAE Systems Tactical Remote Turret (TRT) is a low-cost remote control weapon station developed for integration onto the latest generation of infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), mine protected vehicles (MPVs) and light armored vehicles (LAVs). The TRT-25 features a 25mm Bushmaster cannon on a lightweight and compact mount. It has been designed to engage targets at ranges in excess of 2,000 meters in day/night conditions with high accuracy and secondarily can be used for observation of the theater of operations. Besides the 25mm M242 Bushmaster cannon with dual-feed 2×130-round bins, the TRT-25 is fitted with a 7.62mm machine gun with 1,000 rounds and four 76mm smoke grenade launchers. The M242 Bushmaster cannon can be replaced with other small caliber weapons. The TRT-25’s stabilization provides full operation when on the move, with automatic optical target tracking after manual lock-on. The turret has a video based electro-optical gunner sight and all cameras use auto-focus, with superior levels of detection, recognition and identification. A newly developed rapid engagement function will significantly reduce the time for target engagement. The laser range finder on the TRT-25 has a range in excess of 12km. ( station

A prototype of the VAB Mk.3 was fitted with a TRT-25 remotely controlled module, developed by BAE Systems. It is armed with 25-mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun. This gun is dual-fed. There is also a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. Other weapon options are available, including missiles. This APC can accept remotely-controlled or man-operated turrets with cannons up to 30-mm.

   It can transport up to 12 troops, including commander and driver. Troop compartment is located at the rear. Soldiers enter and leave the vehicle via rear doors or roof hatches. Commander and driver use separate side doors.

   The VAB Mk.3 is fitted with a Renault DXi7 turbocharged diesel engine. This engine is available in three versions, developing 320, 340 and 400 hp. Engine is located in the middle of the hull, behind the driver. It can be replaced in field conditions in less than two hours. Engine is mated with an automatic transmission. Vehicle has a full-time all-wheel drive. A central tyre inflation system is optional. Self-recovery winch is also fitted as an option. A cold weather starting kit is optional. Amphibious kit is optional as well.

   This APC can be airlifted by the C-130 Hercules of A400M Atlas military cargo aircraft.

   The VAB Mk.3 is proposed as an armored personnel carrier, infantry combat vehicle, armored ambulance, intelligence, surveillance and targeting vehicle, mortar carrier or as a command post vehicle.

Entered service ?
Crew 2 – 3 men
Personnel up to 10 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 12.5 – 20 t
Length 6.7 m
Width 2.55 m
Height 2.2 m
Main gun 25-mm cannon
Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm
Ammunition load
Main gun 260 rounds
Machine guns 1 000 rounds
Engine Renault DXi7 diesel
Engine power 320 / 340 / 400 hp
Maximum road speed 105 km/h
Range 890 km
Gradient 47%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step 0.5 m
Trench 0.9 m
Fording 1.5 m


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