NATO Orders Saab RBS 70 BOLIDE Missiles


Jan 15, 2016 00:20 UTC by Defense Industry Daily staff

NATO’s Support and Procurement Agency has placed an order to Saab for RBS 70 BOLIDE missiles. The $12.4 million sale will be delivered between 2016-2017 according to the company. Procurement of the short-range air defense missile is being seen as a move by NATO to strengthen its air defense capabilities. An extremely popular system, over nineteen countries use the man-portable system and missile which can also be armed to fixed and rotary wing aircraft for short distance engagement.


RBS 70 BOLIDE missiles

The RBS 70 short-range anti-aircraft missile is operational with the Swedish armed forces and has also been exported to 18 countries worldwide, including Australia, Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Latvia Norway, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

The RBS 70 missile can be operated independently in stand-alone mode or can be configured with several firing units linked with a surveillance radar to form an anti-aircraft battery. The truck-mounted Giraffe land mobile radar developed by Ericsson (now Saab Microwave Systems) can be linked to nine RBS 70 firing posts, The firing posts, typically 4km apart, protect an area of 175km². The target data, including range, bearing and velocity is transmitted to each designated missile firing post.

The RBS 70 system entered service in 1977 with the Mk 1 missile. Current production model is the Mk 2. The Bolide missile is a further development of the Mk 2 with a new sustainer rocket motor, which increases missile speed and manoeuvrability. Bolide was ordered by Australia in 2003 with a follow-on order in April 2004.

Bolide anti-aircraft missile

The Bolide missile is a development of the RBS 70 Mk 2. It has a maximum speed of more than Mach 2, faster than the RBS 70 which has a speed of Mach 1.6.

The Bolide missile design incorporates a number of new systems including a fibre-optic gyroscope, an adaptable proximity fuse which provides all-target capability and a high kill probability against small and dark targets, new sustainer rocket motor with an improved performance propellant and new electronics. The new sustainer rocket motor gives the missile a shorter time of flight and higher manoeuvrability than the RBS 70.

The new compact reprogrammable electronics suite installed in the missile allows the system to be easily upgraded with new software. The missile is primarily for air defence with a maximum intercept altitude at over 5,000m, but it can also be deployed against surface targets. It has a range of 250m to 8,000m.

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