Egypt to Get Ka-52s for their Mistrals

Jan 04, 2016 00:21 UTC by Defense Industry Daily staff

A deal has been reached which will see Egypt acquire forty-six of a navalized variant of the Ka-52 Alligator helicopter. The Ka-52K was developed to operate on the French manufactured Mistral class helicopter carrier that had been initially ordered for the Russian Navy. The $1.28 billion order went south amid sanctions placed on Russia over Ukraine in 2014. Egypt became the alternative purchaser of the warships after signing contracts in October so the acquisition of the helicopters originally developed for it is not surprising.



The main difference in the naval variant from the basic Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter is the folding main rotor blades and folding half-wings. The new version will also be adapted for naval use by increased corrosion protection and an adjusted air conditioning system. Ka-52K will receive a special avionics suite to enable instrument landing on the ship’s deck. The crew life support system will be upgraded to allow the pilots to work in immersion suits. (


The latest Russian combat helicopter Ka-52K Katran, developed to be operated from Mistral helicopter carriers, is able to detect and identify targets at a distance 1,5 times longer compared to Ka-52 Alligator thanks to Okhotnik video image processing system, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Radio electronic Technologies Concern (KRET, part of Rostec State Corporation) First Deputy CEO, Igor Nasenkov.


“Okhotnik video image processing system allows detecting and identifying targets at a distance 1,2 – 1,5 times longer as well as increasing operating time of a TV-channel within 24 hours. Automatic tracking allows stabilizing association of video channels’ field of view with a desired area and reporting mismatch of a target against the line of sight in the form of error codes sent to the tele-orientation system,” Nasenkov said.


KRET manufactures a number of systems for Ka-52K helicopter. In particular, it is fitted with highly efficient Vitebsk electronic warfare suite, GOES-451 gyro-stabilized electro-optical station, Arbalet radar station, laser guidance system, and SAU-800 automatic control system.

Components of the Arbalet radar system 

Arbalet-M, Arbalet 52

More capable version of Arbalet, using Baguet series processor. Designed for the Ka-52.

  • Data processor: Ts181F
  • Signal processor: Baget-55-04.01
  • MTBF: 150 h
  • Total weight: 140kg

Air-to-surface modes

  • Various mapping modes
  • Moving Target Selection of ground and air targets
  • Determination of priority of objects
  • Determination of terrain contours and obstacle detection during low-altitude flight
  • Missile approach warning
  • Support/cueing of EO targetting systems
  • Detection of dangerous weather formations
  • Navigation systems update/correction
  • Missile and rocket control
  • Target type classification (in conjunction with IFF)
  • Azimuth coverage: 120°
  • Mapping range: 32 km
  • Range of detection of ground target: bridge: 25 km, tank: 12 km
  • Measurement precision: azimuth: 12 min, elevation: 17 min, distance: 20 m
  • Range of detection of ground-based obstacles and terrain detection/avoidance- Electricity cables: 0.4 km, 10° sloping terrain: 1.5 km
  • Tracks 20 targets at once

Air-to-air modes

  • Search limits, azimuth: 360°, elevation ±30°
  • Detection range for Attack aircraft: 15 km, Stinger missile: 5 km
  • Tracking limits, azimuth: ±60°, elevation: ±30°
  • Tracks up to 20 targets


«The SAU-800 automatic control system allows piloting the helicopter in manual, automated and automatic modes. The SAU-800 is integrated with the SIVPV-52 aerometric data recording and processing system allowing a pilot to focus on usage of weapons,» Nasenkov said.

He noted that thanks to KRET Ka-52K is able to “carry out missions under any weather and lighting conditions. This vehicle is able to do much more than just provide support to assault forces”.

The Ka-52K may get anti-ship weapons in the future, but it will initially carry the same weapons as the baseline variant. The standard weapons set includes one 30-mm 2A42 integrated automatic cannon, S-8 unguided rockets, Vikhr (AT-12) laser-guided or Ataka-V radio-guided antitank missiles or underwing Strelets launchers with Igla surface-to-air missiles. The new radar would enable the Ka- 52K to use Kh-31 (AS-17 Krypton) and Kh-35 (AS-20 Kayak) anti-ship missiles. (

“For example, thanks to the radar developed by KRET, this helicopter is able to detect enemy ships at a distance of 200 km and destroy them using X-31 and X-35 anti-ship missiles. This fact makes the helicopter closer to Su-33 and MiG-29K carrier-based fighters in terms of combat capabilities,” the source noted.

Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET) is the Russia’s largest holding company in the radio electronics industry; it was established in 2009 and it is a part of Rostec State Corporation. Its major areas of activities are: development and production of avionics suites for civil and military aircraft, radars, friend-or-foe identification systems, EW suites, measuring equipment, electric connectors, cable assemblies, etc. (

Ka-52 Alligator: Details


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