Russia’s USC Plans to Begin Aircraft Carrier Production in 2019

Dec 30, 2015 00:20 UTC by Defense Industry Daily staff

Russia’s state-owned United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) believes it will commence manufacturing aircraft carriers from 2019, according to the company’s president, Alexey Rakmanov. USC is currently undergoing modernization works of their technological capabilities, and if completed on time, will be able to commence building the vessels required to transport and launch helicopters and aircraft. The only Russian aircraft carrier in service is the Soviet era Admiral Kuznetsov and is expected to be in service until 2030 after mid life refits over the last few years. The announcement comes alongside projected 2015 income for the company at between $4.48-4.5 billion, and as much as $212.34 million in net profits. In 2014, the US Department of Treasury added USC to the Financial Sanctions List as a result of Russia’s involvement in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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First models and illustrations

A model has been demonstrated by Krylov (on bad shots), in military forums appeared already on illustrations that hint at the direction of the design, see the following images

KRSC / Jane's / Nikolai Novichkov model of the "Storm"Model of the “Storm” / image: KRSC / Jane’s / Nikolai Novichkov Illustration des "Sturm"Illustration of the “Storm” / image: 

As cornerstones of the design have been identified: a displacement 90000-100000 tons, 330 meters long with 40 meters wide, eleven meters depth and a top speed of 30 knots (55 km / h) in a continuous autonomous operating time of 120 days.The crew should be 4,000 to 5,000 men. For now, a conventional, non-nuclear drive (about Diesel) was announced; But one could also construct a nuclear propulsion, said Polyakov. Illustration of "Storm"Illustration of the “Storm” / image: 

As armament a squadron of 80-90 aircraft was in the core provided primarily multipurpose fighter jets Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29K ‘Fulcrum-D’ and a carrier suitable variant of the heavy, still in testing stealth multi-role combat aircraft T-50 by Sukhoi, also early warning aircraft and Helicopter. In addition, said the Institute vice of advanced electronic and radar systems, torpedo defense, air defense missiles and a dual flight deck, can be seen on known model photos that too: There is a sloping landing deck with two tracks, as in the major US carriers and four starting positions. A path is a plane catapult runway, the second ending – unlike the Americans – as a ramp (ski jump). (Translated by Google)


Model shows T-50 Stealth fighterPAK FA T-50

Navy Recognition’s comment:

Earlier this year, the Nevskoye Design Bureau’s CEO, Sergey Vlasov, told TASS that the corporation was pushing ahead with research into an aircraft carrier of the future entirely of its own accord, without any terms of reference from the Navy to rely on. Vlasov speculated there may be two projects: a nuclear-powered ship with a displacement of 80,000-85,000 tonnes and some 70 aircraft on board. A non-nuclear aircraft carrier having a displacement of 55,000-65,000 tonnes will be able to carry 50-55 aircraft.

Quote from article Russia’s OSK Shipyard to Have Technological Capabilities to Build Aircraft Carriers from 2019


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