America’s terrible corruption – especially in the army

From Einar Schlereth – On December 24, 2015 – under US

Photo: Lt. General Mark Hertling, commander of US Army Europe with a Ukrainian commander during an exercise in 2011 in Ukraine, the Ukrainian army should help to "Interoperability with NATO" / / US Army Europe / CC BY 2.0Photo: Lt. General Mark Hertling, commander of US Army Europe with a Ukrainian commander during an exercise in 2011 in Ukraine, the Ukrainian army should help to “Interoperability with NATO” / / US Army Europe / CC BY 2.0

On November 16, the great journalist wrote about international strategic and military issues, F. William Engdahl, the article “Do We Really Want A New World War With Russia?” (Do we really want a new world war with Russia?) And documented that Russia has caught up with one-tenth of the Army US spending in terms of combat capability with the US at least. It is a remarkable article, although he carries along everything that was recently published in many media with regard to important technologies, where Russia has surpassed the American capacity. Of course it’s necessary to document the extent of the areas where Russia clearly has the military superiority.

Regarding the question of whether the areas where the US Russia exceeds military technologies that are more or less, so it is the crucial point of the, in my opinion, that Russia now (as Engdahl makes clear) the US capabilities in certain very crucial areas surpasses so strong that at best, the United States, even with all his allies equal draws with Russia, because the areas where Russia is outstanding, are crucial.

Engdahl quoted a high US military, which says that the Russian ability to make the US weapons harmless, are so shocking that he might almost crying. A recent article in, Defense News’ went further on Russia’s superiority in this particular field – and that was released prior to the plan following shameful US Rückziehern in Syria and elsewhere, which were necessary due to the unrivaled US position with respect to vital technologies.

Of course, all this belongs only to America’s corruption in spending of, Verteidigungs’ Dollars (how ironic to use the word “defense” in the army, which is one of the most aggressive nation in the world – worldwide. The United States was the overwhelming first choice (24 % of respondents) for the country, which means the greatest threat to world peace today. Followed by Pakistan (8%), China (6%), North Korea, Israel, and Iran (5%). Honesty would certainly require a name change in, US aggression Ministry ‘. But in the US media is rather Russia is by far the “most aggressive” country in the world.)

According to other corruption measurements, the United States is probably less corrupt than Russia. But everyone knows that it is very corrupt. But typically America manages its corruption swift to hide as Russia – but that’s not important; In total there is corruption in both countries not so different, except in the form of corruption: in the United States more at the top, in Russia below.

Back To 2013. I wrote “How the United States in the new international world rankings stands” and reported that
corruption seems to be in the US quite a profound problem. When “diversion of public funds (thanks to the corruption)” the United States is ranked 34. “irregular payments and bribes” (which perhaps is a better measure of lack of corruption) at No. 42. With “public confidence in politicians” at No. 54 . When “judicial independence” at No. 38. “favored in decisions of government officials” (elsewhere called governmental nepotism) at No. 59. “organized crime” Place 87. “ethical conduct of companies” Place 29. “Trust Police services in place 30 For “transparency of governmental political decisions” Course 56. “effectiveness of the legal framework for complaints about rules” Place 35. “Last of governmental regulations” Place 76. “waste of government -Expenditure “also 76.” protection of property rights “(the basic law-and-order measures) we are at number 42. Russia was even worse with an average space of 144 110 countries.

But with respect to the corruption of the expenditure of dollars for the army, the United States is simply gigantic – and certainly far worse than Russia. On May 13, 2014 headlined, Stars and Stripes’ “decades later, the Army still does not give an account of their expenses” and wrote:
The army is lagging a decades-old demand afterwards to control their spending and to limit the waste, gave the inspectors of the Defense Ministry known to the Senate on Tuesday.

Army, Air Force, Marine Corps fleet and finance managers are unable to meet the deadline of Defense. In the meantime, there are “serious shortfalls” in the books according to the accounting authority that was published on Tuesday.

For almost three decades the taxpayer marvel at toilets for $ 640 and other military waste. The Defense Ministry is the last governmental authority that is unable to make an audit, although this is required by law since 1990 levels.

In other words, this is a black hole where trillion tax dollars have disappeared, without any reliable evidence of how, when and to whom it all went.

The fact is that the US government now almost everything subcontracted to private companies (collectively spend billions of lobbies in the Congress and to fund political campaigns); and that is particularly true on the Pentagon. It is the result of the increasing use since 1981, capitalism ‘(the dictatorial, not democratic version thereof), as happened in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, where governmental functions and ownership were first privatized and the weapons manufacturers enormously were enriched in order to strengthen the control of the German and Italian aristocracy through conquest of foreign countries. Faschistiche countries are incredibly corrupt; served by international theft; and the Department of Defense is fabulously corrupt.

Over the secret federal spending – military expenditure: a black hole of corruption

And want the corrupt aristocracies Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar – the three main US allies – Syria’s secular, non-sectarian and obstinate anti-jihadists, Shia [an error – Assad is Alawit. D. Ü.] Leader Bashar al-Assad overthrow. To speak of such an alliance, a pro-Sunni jihadists operation that it represents the free world ‘or’ fighting for democracy ‘, ie the audience not merely be regarded as stupid, but as a stupid idiot, because there is no true freedom are in aristocratic -theokratischen dictatorships, but sag only Gesinnungs control and aristocrats, the billions of the taxpayers, which the aristocrats can expand their personal empire by international conquest continued with the US aristocracy (the Obama like as “the indispensable nation” called), which coordinates the entire fraudulent international business companies.

The Israeli government can be added to this list, because they of the US taxpayers $ 3 billion annually receives to buy more weapons from the US arms producers, and it urges the Congress to increase the amount to $ 5 billion , This would put the Lockheed Martin company in basic corrupt even more money. One of Lockheed Top sellers was the notorious Adnan Khashoggi, alias Adnan Kasogi. Lockheed itself is controlled by the State Street Corporation, which is referred to in a large study of the 5th largest global leaders, which in turn is controlled by Joseph L. Hooley, occasionally with other Wall Street types, and the US President privately at the White House meets to discuss things such as whether the amount of Israel should be raised to 5 billion. Is not that “corruption”? How not? Those people are your investors committed not to the public. Because most of these people are not publicly known, large international transactions may be (including war planning) negotiated privately between them. And normalerweilse people like Hooley again merely agents of a couple of the few about three thousand billionaires who currently control the international relations and determine whether there will be war or no war. Almost all of the soldiers and civilians, which then bleed and die must in the wars, have nothing but their blood and viscera. Maybe some of them vote for democracy – the bane of all aristocrats, because democracy always comes in their way – their free market ‘, will be assessed on the blood and guts barely higher than in the slaughterhouse.It’s easy to shop ‘. But every international business is always politics and government. The mixes everything.

The trouble is that Russia’s notoriously corrupt with its base-corruption, but the US with its massive corruption at the top – which increasingly is always legal, after the Supreme Court has really done everything possible to lubricate the runners even more – in fact, much more corrupt is (just not so visible).

The Russian system of military spending is the America’s diametrically opposed. While the United States has been privatized, Russia has its military industry in state hands. All profits from arms sales go to the Russian government, not to the makers in the multinationals. The arms manufacturers are part of the government. Just like in the US, there are no financial reports on their operations; but there are financial reports every year that are reviewed by the Defence Minister and, moreover, by the President and the Prime Minister – ie people who are responsible to the electorate, not only the aristocracy of large shareholders. In the US, there are no financial reports. Instead, (more like aristocratic choice) flow see America’s politicians, the dollar only in their election ‘campaigns. The war profits are private and the buying of politicians is just another business issue.

Russia receives far more on its military rubles – that’s for sure. As Obama now increasingly trying to strangle Russia, not only economically but also militarily, this overlooked component of America’s huge corruption comes more and more into the light, but not the financial operations behind.

And yet believes the US public that, Verteidigungs’ Ministry and all its contractors and the national security operations such as CIA, FBI, etc. especially are there to protect the American people, rather than to protect the empire and to extend and aristocracy, which through its investment funds and non-profits ‘called the press her own, the weapons manufacturers, etc. It is a network of power, the more earned more if the public lives in fear and contempt, those strangers’ or , those foreigners’ entertains, but not against their own aristocracy, which really pulls the strings and the safety and the lives of all others destroyed.

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