Indonesian Air Force to start modernizing weaponry in 2016

Jumat, 20 November 2015 17:28 

Karanganyar, C Java (ANTARA News) – The Indonesian Air Force will improve its weaponry during the 2016-2019 period to secure the nations territory.

“The air force plans to buy more modern weaponry during the 2016-2019 period,” Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal Agus Supriatna stated here on Friday.

The government will provide funds to the Indonesian Air Force to modernize its weaponry, including for the purchase of a squadron of new jet fighters to replace the ageing F-5E Tiger jet fighters.

According to Agus, the Indonesian Air Force will purchase modern jet fighters, with options including the F-16 or Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft.

Indonesia will also purchase transport helicopters, heavy transport aircraft, and multi-role aircraft that can be operated to assist in search and rescue efforts and to extinguish fires.

Agus remarked that Indonesia plans to purchase Beriev BE-200 amphibious aircraft that can lift 15 tons of water to put out fires.

“The Indonesian Air Force will also add more radar equipment to monitor its airspace. We will add new weaponry and facilities during the 2016-2019 period,” Agus added.

To provide air transport to VVIPs, the Indonesian Air Force plans to purchase three VVIP helicopters or a presidential aircraft.

“The VVIP helicopters or aircraft should be in good condition and meet the safety standards. We must protect the president and vice president as they are state symbols,” the chief emphasized.

According to Agus, the Indonesian Air Force is considering to purchase a new VVIP helicopter from Agusta Westland.

Earlier in July, the Indonesian Air Force had conducted a study to replace its C-130 Hercules aircraft with the new aircraft either from France, the United States, or Russia.

The decision on the purchase of the transport aircraft will be made by the government.

Additionally, the Defense Ministrys Head of Public Communications Brigadier General Jundan Eko Bintoro justified the plan to replace the Hercules aircraft with either Airbus A400M from France or Boeing C-17 from the United States as the two types of transport aircraft have a large capacity.

Indonesia has also established cooperation with South Korea for the development of the KFX/IFX stealth jet fighter, which is still ongoing.

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