KIFV gets more firepower with new turret – Korea


Christopher F Foss, London – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

10 November 2015

A partnership agreement has been signed between South Korea’s Doosan DST and Belgian turret designer CMI Defence under which the two companies will jointly develop business in the South Korean light/medium weight armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) market.

The Doosan DST Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle (KIFV) currently deployed by the Republic of Korea Army (RoKA) is normally fitted with a roof-mounted protected weapon station (PWS) armed with an unstabilised .50 M2 HB machine gun (MG).

The KIFV has recently been shown fitted with the Belgian CMI Defence Cockerill Protected Weapon Station (CPWS). This has been developed by CMI Defence as a private venture to enhance the firepower of existing tracked and wheeled AFVs as well as being fitted to newbuild AFVs.

The CPWS can be fitted with a variety of medium-calibre weapons. The first example is fitted with the US Orbital ATK Armament Systems 30 mm LF Chain Gun with a 7.62 mm co-axial MG.

p1643590A Doosan DST Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle shown at ADEX 2015 in Seoul fitted with the CMI Defence Cockerill Protected Weapon Station armed with an Orbital ATK 30 mm M230LF cannon. (IHS/James Hardy)

While the KIFV can be fitted with a one- or two-person turret armed with 20 to 30 mm cannon, which are fitted with turret baskets that take up valuable space inside of the hull.

By installing remote weapon stations (RWSs) or systems such as the CMI Defence CPWS, valuable space is saved in the hull and additional dismounts can be carried.

Production of the KIFV has been completed for the RoKA, while 111 were supplied in two batches to the Royal Malaysian Army to meet an urgent operational requirement (UOR) for overseas deployment.

If additional contracts are placed the KIFV could be placed back in production and fitted with a more advanced weapon system such as the CMI Defence CPWS.

Under a previous contract between Doosan DST and CMI Defence the latter supplied 22 of its 90 mm turrets for installation on the Doosan DST Black Fox (6 x 6) armoured personnel carriers (APCs) supplied to Indonesia.

Source: IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

See actual article:


K200 KIFV (Korea Infantry Fighting Vehicle)


The K200 KIFV (Korea Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is a South Korean infantry fighting vehicle, originally produced by Daewoo Heavy Industries (now part of Doosan Group), intended as a domestic replacement to older armored personnel carriers such as M113 that were in main line of service with the Republic of Korea Armed Forces at the time of K200’s development. The K200 was supplemented by the K21 since 2009 in South Korea. a total of 2,383 K200 vehicles of all configurations were produced between 1985 and 2006, among which 111 K200A1 vehicles had been exported to Malaysia.

Weight 13.2 tons
Length 5.49 m
Width 2.85 m
Height 2.52 m
Crew 3 + 9 passengers
1 x 12.7mm machine gun
1 x 7.62mm machine gun
Engine MANDoosan D2848T 350 hp (261 kw) at 2,300 rpm
Power/weight 26.5 hp/ton
Transmission Allison Transmission X200-5K
Suspension torsion bar
480 km
Speed 70 km/h
6 km/h on water

Source: Wiki

M230 ChainGun is now part of ATK’s ChainGun family

m230lf.jpgM230 30mm ChainGun

ATK started the development of a new variant of M230 chaingun aimed at ground and naval platforms. It is called M230LF with LF stands for LinkFed.

atk-m-230-lf M230LF with LinkFed from ammo cans (Source:from net)
  • Link-feed ammunition enable conventional belted ammunition usage and simple ammo cans
  • Increased barrel length to enable higher muzzle velocity
  • Hang-Fire protection to improve manned turret safety
  • Rate of fire better suited to land and naval applications
However, M230 is a  compact, lightweight and low recoil cannon.
  • M230LF total weight: 72.6kg
  • M230LF Recoil:  7.34kN (Naval)/ 28kN (Ground)


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