DTI installing DTI-2 on Type-85 122mm MLRS systems – Thailand

Final design 


Note the launcher design has been redesigned


ds15_type85_1DTI modified Type-85 APC and install its DTI-2 MLRS.

Royal Thai Army has 6 Type-YW306s with 130 mm MLRS in service but the system need to be phased out soon.


In this year of the artillery live firing demonstration, RTA unveils the modified Type-85 APC with DTI-2 launcher installed. This allow the system to fire the DTI-2 rocket with a range of 40 km and improve commonality with its 4 SR4s MLRS system.

No information on how many system will be modified.


SR4s MLRS system.

Source: T H A I A R M E D F O R C E . C O M



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