Chaiseri First Win vehicle at Defense & Security 2015 Thailand (With video of First Win E field testing)

First_Win_4x4_APC_variant_Chaiseri_Defense_and_Security_2015_exhibition_Thailand_Bangkok_640_001New APC variant of Chaiseri First Win 4×4 armoured vehicle at Defence & Security 2015, international exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Thai Defence Company Chaiseri presents its full range of First Win family of 4×4 armoured vehicles at Defense and Security 2015, international exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand. Chaiseri is now one of the major military product suppliers for the Royal Thai Army.

Chaiseri has already delivered a total of 29 First Win 4×4 armoured vehicles to the Thai army and another batch of 200 units could be delivered in the next few months. The vehicle is also in service with the police of Thailand.

At Defense & Security 2015, Chaiseri unveils a new version of the First Win in armoured personnel carrier (APC) variant. The APC variant of the First Win has a longer troops compartment to carry more military personnel.

The vehicle is fitted with an one-man open top turret mounted in the centre of the troops compartment. The turret is armed with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun.

Chaiseri has also signed an agreement with DEFTECH of Malaysia under which the First Win is being offered to meet the future operational requirements of the Royal Malaysian Army under the local designation of AV4. The Malaysian army could purchase 200 vehicles under the brand name of Deftech.

First_Win_4x4_armoured_Chaiseri_Defense_and_Security_2015_exhibition_Thailand_Bangkok_640_001Chaiseri First Win E 4×4 armoured vehicle fitted with IMI Wave 200 mounted .50 cal remote control gun at Defence & Security 2015, international exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand

The First Win 4×4 armoured vehicle is designed with a priority for the armour protection which respond to the new threats of modern battlefield. The 360° protection is based on hull of welded ballistic steel with V-shape floor to dissipate mine blast.

The V-shape monocoque protecton steel cab with composite material allows the vehicle to optimize the vehicle weight and ballistic/blast protection performance protection performance to customer requirement from STANAG 45699 from level 1 to level 3.

The vehicle is motorized with a Cummins ISB 300 HP engine developing 300 hp. at 2,850 rpm coupled to an Allison automatic transmission with 6 speeds and 1 reverse. The First Win 4×4 is high mobility and agility vehicle which is able to operate in wide range demanding from mud, soft to rocky terrain and extreme climate condition including high temperature and humidity.

The Chaiseri 4×4 armoured vehicle is able to run at a maximum speed of 110 km with a maximum cruising range of 600 km.

The top of the crew compartment can be fitted with an open top 360° manual turret system which can be armed with a 7.62mm or 12.7 mm machine gun or automatic grenade launcher.

Deftech_4x4_APC_variant_Chaiseri_Defense_and_Security_2015_exhibition_Thailand_Bangkok_640_001Chaiseri armoured vehicle under the brand of Malaysian Defense Company Deftech at Defence & Security 2015, international exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand



Additional pictures by TAF



Another news: Philippines will take delivery «First Win 4×4» Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles

Video First Win E field testing

Deftech AV4 Credit Malaysian Defense

Made in Thailand

Published on Jul 22, 2016

สุดทึ่ง!!! คนไทยผลิตรถหุ้มเกราะ ส่วนประกอบรถถัง ส่งออก 37 ประเทศทั่วโลก ปืนยิงแค่สะกิด ระเบิดแค่ถลอก ความแข็งแกร่ง ฝีมือติดอันดับ 1 ใน 3 ของโลก เธอคือเจ้าของฉายา “มาดามรถถัง” เจ้าแรกและเจ้าเดียวของประเทศไทย

ออกอากาศทางรายการเมดอินไทยแลนด์ ยกระดับ กระชับสยาม
เมื่อวันที่ 21 เมษายน พ.ศ. 2557

Translated by Google

Most amazing !!! Thailand’s production of armored vehicles Tank components exported to 37 countries worldwide.  The owner is well known by her nickname “Madame Tank” the first and only one in Thailand

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