DRACO 76mm multipurpose weapon station

The DRACO  is a multipurpose weapon station operating against Air, R.A.M. and Surface targets, with high performance in both direct and indirect fire.

The main armament  consists of a high rate of fire 76/62mm gun with an automatic ammunition loading system; the 76/62mm gun is electrically controlled for elevation and traversing, and is stabilized in elevation.


DRACO can be  installed on 8×8 wheeled platforms, for combat support operations or convoy defence, as well as on tracked vehicles or on shelters for point defence.

The main 76/62mm gun and the automatic loading system are fully compatible with all in service 76mm rounds and also with  76mm DART guided ammunition.

The  ammunition loading system is based on a drum with 12 ready-to-fire rounds.
These 12 rounds can be of different types and their selection can be performed during firing. The drum can be reloaded automatically from a magazine in the back of the turret.
DRACO turret is fitted for receiving a secondary armament composed of a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun coaxially mounted.


The Day/Night Electro-Optical Sight System, equipped with laser range finder (LRF), is installed on DRACO in 2 different versions:

  • For mobile applications, a compact stabilized sight allows on the move engagements.
  • For point defence applications, a long distance sight, for detection and identification, with   high rate laser to follow small and fast targets.


The Radar System has the double function of tracking targets and guiding DART guided ammunitions.

DART is maneuvered by means of an RF guiding beam able to ensure higher level hit probability even against high maneuvering targets.

DRACO can be completely controlled by two Operators (the Commander and the Gunner) from a remote position, located inside the hull for mobile installation or inside a protected command shelter for fixed installation. The Commander operates for detection, identification and designation of the target. The Gunner has the role of engaging the target and controlling firing action.

The basic Ballistic Protection of the system is level II according to STANAG 4569 and can be upgraded to meet the customer’s requirements.

Modern SPAAGs are usually fitted with 20-40 mm guns. Such a powerful gun was selected because of its long range. Maximum range of fire is 6-8 km. Such range is similar of the current hybrid gun-missile air defense systems. The Draco can engage helicopters before they release their anti-tank guided weapons.

The previous Otomatic turret was much heavier and needed a tank chassis. Weight of the Draco turret was significantly reduced due to improvements in electronics over the last two decades. It also uses more compact onboard radar.


The Draco SPAAG is intended to engage air targets, such as helicopters, aircraft, UAV and air-launched weapons. Also it can be used against ground targets. This air defense weapon can be used for combat support operations, convoy’s defense or point defense. Also it can be used for coastal defense. Maximum firing range against naval targets is 20 km.

Unmanned turret withstands hits from 7.62×39 mm armor-piercing rounds and artillery shell splinters. Add-on armor kit can be fitted for increased protection.

This air defense system has a crew of three, including commander, driver and gunner.

The Draco turret can be installed on 8×8 wheeled vehicles as well as tracked vehicles, heavy trucks or shelters. It was first revealed mounted on the 8×8 Centauro tank destroyer chassis. Vehicle is powered by Iveco MTCA turbocharged diesel engine, developing 520 hp. Steering is provided on the first and second axles and at slow speed with also the fourth axle. Vehicle is equipped with run-flat tyres and fitted with central tyre inflation system. Source military-today.com

Centauro 2 8×8 armoured wheeled anti-tank vehicle: Details

fbce7-centauro2bii_day2b18×8 Centauro
Entered service ?
Crew 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight ~ 30 t
Length (gun forward) ~  8 m
Hull length ~ 7.4 m
Width ~ 3.1 m
Height ~ 3 m
Main gun 1 x 76-mm
Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm or 12.7-mm
Projectile weight ~ 12.5 kg
Maximum slant range ?
Maximum firing range 6 – 8 km
Rate of fire > 80 rpm
Elevation range ?
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun ?
Machine guns ?
Engine Iveco MTCA diesel
Engine power 520 hp
Maximum road speed 100 km/h
Range 800 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step 0.55 m
Trench 1.5 m
Fording up to 1.5 m

Specification military-today.com

Main material source leonardocompany.com

Revised Dec 21, 2017


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