DRACO 76mm multipurpose weapon station


OTO Melara has developed the DRACO system, a multifunctional land-based mount designed around the unrivalled 76/62 Super Rapid naval gun to create a unit capable of C-RAM (counter-rocket artillery mortar) role, as well as air defense and ground combat for different operational employment. The main armament consists of a high rate of fire 76/62mm gun with an automatic ammunition loading system.

CentauroWithDRACOoto (1)

The roles the new systems are called to play range from defense of limited areas and vital points (like airports, strategic installations, camps and check points against various threat -air, helo, artillery and mortar rounds, rockets etc), to support to infantry for land operations (escort of convoys, infantry bombardment, artillery bombardment beyond line-of-sight) and coastal defense against medium and small boats.(Source: Army Recognition)


The DRACO is a remotely operated weapon station with multi-purpose role against Air, R.A.M. and Surface targets, with high performance direct or indirect fire.

The weapon station is installable on 8×8 wheeled platforms, for combat support operations or convoy defence, or on shelterfor point defence. The main armament consists of a 76mm/62 gun with an automatic ammunition loading system, electrically controlled for elevation and traversing, stabilized in elevation, with high rate offire. The main armament and the automatic loading system are fully compatible with all in service 76mm rounds and also with 76 mm DART guided ammunition.


Example how Dart Guided munitions work


The ammunition loading system is based on a drum, in oscillating mass, with 12 ready-to-fire rounds. The 12 rounds can be of different types and ammunition’s selection can be performed during firing. The drum can be reloaded automatically, from a magazine in the back of the turret. The Weapon station turret is fitted for receiving a secondary armament composed by a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun coaxially mounted. A Day/Night Electro-optical Sight System, equipped

with telemetric laser (LRF), is installed in 2 different versions:

  • For mobile applications, compact stabilized sight to allow fighting while moving
  • For point defence application, long distance sight, for detection and identification, with high rate laser to follow small and rapid targets.


A Radar System is installed with the double function of tracking of incoming targets and guidance of Anti Air DART guided ammunitions. DART is maneuvered by means of a beam able to assure high hit probability even against high maneuvering targets.

The DRACO can be completely controlled by two Operators (the Commander and the Gunner) from a remote position, inside the hull for mobile installation or inside a protected command shelter for fixed installation. The Commander, has the main roles of detection, identification and designation of the target. The Gunner has the role of engaging the target and control firing.


The basic Ballistic Protection of the system is a base level II according to STANAG 4569 and can be upgraded up to level V according to customer requirements. (Source: Army Guide)


Centauro 2 8×8 armoured wheeled anti-tank vehicle: Here



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