2s25 SPRUT 18 ton Tank Killer

The 2S25 Sprut-SD (Russian: 2С25 «Спрут-СД»; 2S25 “Kraken-SD”) is a self-propelled tank destroyer or light tank developed and manufactured by the Russian defence company, Volgograd tractor factory joint stock company to meet the requirements of the VDV. In mid-2001, the Volgograd tractor plant revealed that the development of the 2S25 lasted several years.


The Sprut-SD is designed to defeat tanks, hard-skinned material and enemy manpower by airborne and amphibious landing forces, as well as by specially designated units of ground forces. Its main armament, the Sprut anti-tank gun, is capable of firing APFSDS, HE-Frag, HEAT and ATGM ammunition. This grants the 2S25 to be as powerful as a main battle tank and as maneuverable and amphibious as airborne infantry combat vehicles. The 2S25 can be used by units of ground forces and naval infantry as a light amphibious tank.


The 2S25 is based on the chassis of the BMD-3 Infantry fighting vehicle which is also produced by the Volgograd tractor factory and in service with the Russian airborne troops. Notable distinctions from the BMD-3 are the armament, the fire control system and the addition of two wheels to each side of the vehicle; which increases to 7 on each side. At the front of the chassis is where the crew is located. The turret and ammunition occupies the middle of the vehicle, while the engine-transmission compartment is towards the rear.

125 mm smoothbore 2A75 tank gun


The main armament of the 2S25 is a 125 mm smoothbore 2A75 tank gun which is a derivative of the 125 mm 2A46 tank gun installed on other Russian main battle tanks. The ammunition of the 2A75 includes laser guided missiles like the 9M119 Svir; providing a maximum range of 4 km for defeating armored targets. Reloading the main gun is completed by means of a horizontal autoloader mounted behind the turret. It can carry a total of 40 rounds for the main armament with 22 ready to use in the autoloader. In case the autoloader is no longer intact, manual loading is possible at the cost of a substantially longer reload time.


9M119 Svir

Granata 39M119 Svirtank1 (1)9M119 Svir loaded into main gun autoloaderAuto-Loader2S25_08

The weight of the 2S25 is 18 tonnes which is comparable to that of infantry fighting vehicles. Like the BMD-3, the 2S25 features hydropneumatic suspension with a variable height clearance of 190–590 mm within 6–7 seconds to reduce visibility. Hydropneumatic suspension provides high smoothness while driving and dampens recoil of the main gun. Suspension on each side consists of seven single rollers, four support rollers, rear wheel drive and a front-mounted steering wheel. There are hydraulic track adjusters in assistance for greater mobility. In the engine-transmission compartment, multi-fuel diesel engine 2V-06-2S installed, which develops a power of 510 hp (380 kW). It features an automatic transmission that has five gears forward and five gears reverse




  • Russian airborne troops – 24 vehicles were in service during 2009[2] with further orders being cancelled in 2010. In 2013, the Russian airborne troops ordered a new 125 mm self-propelled gun to the replace 2S25; based on the BMD-4 chassis with a 2A46M-5 125 mm gun.

Gross weight, t 18
Crew 3
Maximum speed, km/h:
on road 70
afloat 10
Cruising range, km 500
Weaponry set:
125-mm 2A75 smoothbore cannon:
ammunition load, total / in autoloader, rds 40 / 22
rounds options APFSDS, HEAT, HE-Frag, laser-guided missile
rate of fire, rds/min 7
7.62-mm PKT coaxial machine gun:
ammunition load, rds 2,000
Laying angles, deg: 360
in azimuth -5 … +15 (forward)
in elevation -3 … +17 (backward)
Armour protection:
frontal (within the sector of ±40 deg)
against 12.7mm bullets
against 7.62mm bullets
type Diesel, 2V-06-2S
power, kW (hp) 375 (510)
specific power, kW/t (hp/t) 20.8 (28.3)

BMD-4 Pictured below


Source: Wiki, WARFARE.BE

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