Royal Thai Army H125M/AS550 C3 Fennec Light Attack Helicopter

The Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters) AS550 Fennec and AS555 Fennec 2 are lightweight, multipurpose military helicopters manufactured by Eurocopter Group (now Airbus Helicopters). Based on the AS350 Ecureuil and AS355 Ecureuil 2 series, they are named after the Fennec Fox. The armed versions of the AS550 and AS555 can be fitted with coaxial weapons, rockets, torpedoes and various other munitions.

Airbus’ two-tonne H125M (formerly the AS550 C3e Fennec) responds to military requirements for a cost-effective armed platform with a very small footprint and excellent manoeuvrability.

The H125M is tailored for locating and attacking targets of opportunity. It relies on the qualities of power, simplicity, firing stability and stealth to carry out a diverse range of demanding missions.


The H125M can be equipped with Airbus’ HForce weapons system – a comprehensive, modular and cost-efficient weapon system that can be used on any military version of Airbus’ civil helicopter range (H125M, H145M and H225M).

Able to fly discreetly in the battlefield with a small silhouette, the H125M has a reduced radar signature through the use of composite materials and infrared-reflective paint.

This helicopter benefits from the excellent handling characteristics and easy-to-fly qualities that are inherent in Airbus’ single-engine Ecureuil family – which holds the world altitude record (landing on Mount Everest at 8,848 metres), and is fully operational in high and hot environments. Source

Fabrique Nationale de Herstal twin 7.62 mm




Specifications (as550 c3)

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2
  • Capacity: 4 passengers
  • Length: 10.93 m (35 ft 10 in) (fuselage length), 12.94 m (42 ft 6 in) (overall length, rotors turning)
  • Height: 3.34 m (10 ft 11 in)
  • Empty weight: 1,220 kg (2,690 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 2,250 kg (4,960 lb)
  • Fuel capacity: 540 L (143 US Gal)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Turbomeca Arriel 2B turboshaft, 632 kW (847 shp) (limited to 500 kW (671 shp for take-off)
  • Main rotor diameter: 10.69 m (35 ft 1 in)
  • Main rotor area: 89.75 m2 (966.1 sq ft)

1 × Turbomeca Arriel 2B turboshaft

1 × Turbomeca Arriel 2B turboshaft, 632 kW (847 shp)

• Special power ratings (OEI) can be used, without any shop visit,
as long as time-usage allowance permits.
• The 2C2 variant has a special extended “30 minutes Take-O
power” to match the missions of the United States Coast Guards
(Arriel 2C2CG).
• The FADEC provides a built-in ‘’creep-life management’’



  • Maximum speed: 246 km/h (153 mph; 133 kn) (max cruise)
  • Never exceed speed: 287 km/h (178 mph; 155 kn)
  • Range: 648 km (403 mi; 350 nmi)
  • Service ceiling: 5,280 m (17,323 ft)
  • Rate of climb: 10.30 m/s (2,028 ft/min)


20 mm Giat M621 cannon


The M621 is a French 20 mm automatic cannon, designed by GIAT (now Nexter Systems). It is used on armored vehicles, aircrafts, helicopters and small coastal vessels in France, India, Romania and other countries. Its variants include THL 20, chin mounting for helicopters; SH 20, door mounting for helicopters; CP 20, pintle-mounted naval gun, and others. The gun entered service in 1973 and is still in service today.


  • Type: Automatic gun
  • Calibre: 20×102 mm
  • Gun Weight: 100.3 lbs (45.5 kg)
  • Gun Length: 86.9 in (220.7 cm)
  • Bore Length: 57.5 in (146 cm)
  • Capacity: Belt fed, platform dependent capacity (160 for model 15A naval mounting, 300-750 for THL 20)
  • Rate of fire: 750 rpm
  • Muzzle velocity: 980-1030 m/s depending on ammunition type


  • Fabrique Nationale de Herstal twin 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun pods

HMP400 gun pod with 12.7mm FN M3P machine gun

Royal Thai Army AS550 armed with .50″ HMP –
  • 7 x 2.75in Forges de Zeebrugge or 12 x 68 mm Thales Brandt rockets

Forges de Zeebrugge (FZ) makes the FZ220, a seven-tube, 70mm

10548807_785436154831270_2358808094750556502_o7 x 2.75in Forges de Zeebrugge

Mechanical characteristics

  • Height : 244.3 mm
  • Width : 243.4 mm
  • Overall length : 1653.5 mm
  • Total mass (empty) : 20 kg


  • Firing mode : ripple / single
  • Intervallometry : 80 ms (minimum)
  • Dual purpose : designed for firing both types of FZ 2.75″ FZ FFAR and WA rocket motors
  • Rocket warheads : designed for firing all types of conventional 2.75″ FZ rocket warheads equipped with remote set fuze

FFAR – 4 Folding-Fins Aerial Rockets

The family of 4 Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket (FFAR) was the first type of rocket motors developed in the late 1940s.

The early FFAR rockets (with rocket motors Mk4 for aircraft and the Mk40 for helicopters) were conventional 70 mm diameter unguided rockets, comprising a solid-propellant motor with 4 folding fins and an appropriate warhead.

These were later replaced by the more performing rocket motors FZ67 (for fixed wings aircraft) and FZ68 (for helicopters)

WA – Wrap Around Rockets

The Wrap Around (WA) fin assembly was developed from the previous 2.75 inch Mk40 motor-based folding fin aerial rocket in the 1960s in order to increase stability during flight and precision (especially for rotary wings).

The WA rocket motor is suitable for both, rotary and fixed wing aircraft.


  • BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles

The Royal Thai Army operates 8 units (2013)

Picture Source: Thai Defense News Blog

Specification Source: Wiki

Estimated Cost: USD 2.6 million (According to



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