The Kurganets-25 Armoured Personnel Carrier


A close-up view on the 12.7mm heavy machine gun turret shows the IR projector, that also provides signaling in day and night. Photo: Vitaly Kuzmin (Source:Defense Update)


The BMP Series and MT-LB have served the Former Soviet and Russian Armies for over 50 years as the principal tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Armoured Personnel Carrier respectively.

The use of multiple designs in these vehicles generates problem with operating costs, maintenance, training, upgradeability and operational capabilities.


The Kurganets-25 has been developed to eliminate all these issues.

The APC version lacks the frontal and rear modifications to its side modular armour for the mounting of what looks like elements of an active protection system and equipment mounted across the front of the hull top.

Remote Weapon Station

kurganets25btr_closeup725kurganets_25btr_turret725 (1)

The APC version is equipped with a Remote Weapon Station, which can be equipped with various calibre Machine Guns, but is featured in pictures as a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. It will be operated by most likely the vehicle commander remotely at his station and will probably have day and thermal channels on its sighting equipment.

12.7 mm heavy machine gun

Length of gun: 1560 mm
Elevation: -5 ° to +70 °
Traverse: 360 °
Muzzle velocity: 845 m/s
Combat rate of fire: 80 to 100 rounds/min
Maximum range: 6000 m
Effective range of ground targets: 2000 m
Effective range of air targets: 1500 m
Weight of gun: 25 kg
Weight of gun mainly: 9 kg

Technical data


Source: Tank Nut Dave

Pictures: © Интернет-журнал “Армейский Вестник”, 2010 г.


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