Royal Thai Air Force F5 E/F second upgrade


F5 VS F16 Dogfight RTAF

RTA F5E/F after 2nd upgrade in 2002

F-5E Tiger II & F-5T-Tigris of the Royal Thai Air Force: HERE

Royal Thai Air Force personnel prepare For 2nd upgrade F-5

For TAF plan is expected to be similar to or better improvement projects F-5E / F is F-5EM / FM (or F-5BR) of the Brazilian Air Force. The unlikely to prolong the lifespan of the structure added to the original approximately 2,700 flight hours (or about 15 years, excluding the lifetime that remains today), the computer will change the mission. Change radar that can use weapons with missile air – to – air medium range (BVRAAM) has installed systems include electronic warfare / self-defense. Communications / data link generation. The system allows to fly at night Update cockpit is a full glass cockpit and empower the weapon missile air – to – air medium range (such as AIM-120 AMRAAM) and close range of new models. Armed with air – to – areas with high precision. Bulb detect and identify targets It may also increase the air refueling system, too.


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